Dear all,

We invite you to read some personal reflections of our students about our Planet:

My personal perspective Me and Earth

Nati, year 5

Me: Hello, Dear Earth!

Earth: Hello, Dear Natalia!

Me: I have a question for you … How are you so strong even though people throw trash on you?

Earth: Well, the truth is I am weak but I get my energy from good, kind and thoughtful people.

Giulia, year 5

Me: Dear Earth, I love you!

Earth: Dear Giulia, I hope and I know you are not like other people who destroy me! 

Me: Oh, no. I am not, I love to travel and see different places. Can you tell me some of your favorite countries?

Earth: Ok, but truly I don’t think I have favorite countries. I think, maybe it is better to take a snack together and to travel around the world.

Me (very happy): OKAY!!

year 5

Me: Dear Earth, I love you! I think you have the most beautiful places in the entire Universe!!

Earth: Thank you!

Ioana, year 5

Me: How do you feel about human beings?

Earth: I like all of them but only if they don’t hurt me.

Me: Can I give you a hug? You seem so sad.

Earth: Yes, of course! Thank you for asking!

Anne, year 5

Me: Hello, Dear Earth! Are you mad at the people because they chopped your trees? 

Earth: Hello, Dear Anne! I am a little bit.

Ali, year 4

Me: Hello, Dear Earth!

Earth: Hello, Ali!

Me: Can I ask you some questions?

Earth: Yes, of course!

Me: Ok. Here is one. Are you mad or upset that some people do not care about the oceans?

Earth: Yes, it is true. I am very upset because of this. Thank you for caring! What is the second question?

Me: How did Earth and other planets form?

Earth: Wow!! This is a big, big question!! Let s find out the answers together!

Me: I can t wait!

Elif, year 4

Me: Hello, Dear Earth! I think of you as our friend but some people are treating you badly. I want to assure you that I will try to make them become your friends, too. You are very beautiful in every moment: when you are happy, when you are sad, angry, 

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