This is a wonderful initiative that is meant to bring the students together, to know each other even better, to help them express their personality. The area outside of each classroom will have this space where each student has the opportunity to bring from home things, books, pictures that represent them, who they are, their passions and interests. They can have lessons and discussions around it, while having a cup of tea together with their class teacher or form tutors. Cozy and warm, isn’t it?

See here short presentation about this mini project:


Starting with January 2023, we introduced this concept in the entire school:

Third Floor (The beginning – November 2022): My library – Me and my passions, Grade 7 & Design Team:

Second Floor: Another beautiful day in Our cozy school grade 3, Year 7 & Design Team:

First Floor: Work in progress, Year 3 & Design Team:








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