The project idea started from our Secondary Leadership students Team (Student Council team) during our Civic Education/PSHE lessons & from the Kindergarten SL team (teachers and children). Then we extended the idea for students in Upper Primary, Kindergarten and together with our teachers we integrated some practical activities starting from theoretical knowledge.

The questions were:

  • What can we do for our community in order to improve our learning environment?
  • Is it our responsibility to be part of this change?
  • If the answer is yes, what is our role?
  • These questions were the foundation for all the activities proposed and for all the activities planned together and for our community (students, teachers & families).

Project Learning objectives:

  • to identify areas/zones of improvement in our school & campus (GP)
  • to organize social and learning activities which are meant to make a difference in the school, campus & community (GP)
  • to correlate the social actions with the learning ones to gain competences for life (Math, Science, ICT, English)
  • to learn more about their relationship with the communities they engage with ( PSHE & Civic Education, English)
  • to learn how to make an official request to the Mayor House
  • to organize some fundraising activities to sustain the PBL. (PSHE & Leader in Me) – to be done

Cross-Curricular activities

We worked together on our project during these subjects:

  • Global perspective (5 lessons)
  • Science Primary (3 lessons)
  • Science Secondary (in progress)
  • PSHE & Leader in Me (4 lessons)
  • Maths (1 lesson)
  • ICT (4 lessons)
  • English (4 lessons Primary & Secondary)
  • Civic Education (3 lessons)
  • Romanian (1 lesson)

Next steps: transforming our PBL (Project Based Learning) in SLP (Service Learning Project)

Kindergarten Teams Primary Teams Secondary Teams

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