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Mini Project: A child, a flower

With the appearance of the spring sun, our Sevice Learning project, “Let’s Quester Bloom” moves into the 2nd stage and all the kindergarten groups are eager to get to work.

Our desire to be a community grows every day and that’s why our plans are diversifying.

If in the fall, the little ones discovered at Science which are the spaces where they can transform the garden, which plants would survive the winter, how the flower bulbs look like and they investigated through the PlantNet application which plants we already have, now in the spring we came back with learning.

We remembered the parts of a plant, talked about the weather and at Arts we re-drew how we want our garden to look like.
The learning has now also moved to the practical level, where the little ones raked, dug and started planting the first bulbs.

Congratulations, Kindergarten Service Learning Team!


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