Haiku is a Japanese traditional poem with three verses expressing one feeling or thought.

Task : admire the flowers & trees and write a Haiku By Grade 3

Victoria’s Haiku:

My flower makes me calm.
The flower is reminding me about my birthday.
The flowers colour is like the sun.

Arianna’s Haiku:
You are tall like a skyscraper.
You shine in the sun like water on a summer evening.
I feel like a goddess when I am in your presence.

Yuna’s Haiku:
You are as beautiful as a green diamond.
You are as nice as the sun in the sky.
I always feel happy when I see you again.

Alia’s Haiku
My flower makes me excited
Because yellow for me is from the sun
And he is happy too.
This is my beautiful flower of spring.

Natalia’s Haiku:
You are strong, peaceful and a little noisy but you are
The most beautiful tree in the world!
I like your green spiky leaves, you are the best!

Elysa’s Haiku
You are as beautiful as a zebra shining in the light.
I feel safe when I stay under your glowing branches.
When it’s spring your flowers flow in the light like quartz.


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