Today we celebrate the International Day of Light, the anniversary of the discovery of the laser, in 1960, by physicist and engineer, Theodore Maiman. So, it is an opportunity to celebrate the positive effects of science in our lives. The students from Primary and Secondary prepared an exhibition, music and drama moments, and included the specific topic in their Science, Art and Global Perspectives lessons. We are thus applying the project based methodology to this topic as well.

Also, will have the opportunity to listen to our extraordinary guest-speaker, Mrs. Rebeca Tudor, Scientific Researcher at IMT Bucharest.


Special thanks to our Student Leadership teams (Design and Media) who have coordinated and produced this event: Luca B. (Producer of the Poster and Moderator), Paul S. (Moderator) and the Leaders from the Upper Primary Design Team (Dania & Vlad – year 3, Viki & Alia – grade 3, Tudor & Maria – year 4, Olympus, Ioana & Anastasia – year 5)

Thank you, dear teachers & students, for coordinate this Special Event: Miss Penny, Miss Hareem, Miss Andreea, Miss Alexandra,  Miss Sorina, Miss Florentina, Miss Ecaterina


Shadow Theatre (Upper-Primary Design Team)


PPT presentation and Trivia moment: The Journey of Light (Secondary Students)


Twisted Light with our special guest


Kindergarten & Primary Students during Science lesson

The children finished their study on Electricity and were involved in more practical activities to deepen their understanding