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Being a student in an international school we understand the importance of children learning how we are connected globally and how we are more similar than different.

Through our blog we invite you to accompany our Heroes – Quest & Field – around the world and together we will develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand the world in which we live and about our own place in it.

Our beginning – Let’s start the journey of the two SUPERHEROES, Quest and Field, around the world

On Wednesday, October 5th 2022, our students had the chance to present their work for the school logo.

Their designs had to follow these criteria:

  • direct connection with our school vision & mission
  • direct connection with schools values & global values
  • explain alike & different from a global perspective
  • connection with the main goal of our blog: to apply in real life the content of the Leader in Me Program, Project Based Learning & Service Learning activities.

The Jury was formed by the Students Council (Francesca Varban, Justin Gusevatii, Briana Dincă, Elena Giavasoglou, Smaranda Mancioiu, Bianca Antoniu, Eric Marcu, Daria Hosu, Alize Rusu) and SLT members: Ciprian Ghișa, Fabiola Hosu and Laura Antoniu. They had the difficult job to judge the drawings and the presentations according to the above criteria. Following the votes` counting, Miss Florentina and Miss Claudia, who coordinnated the implementation of the project, we are happy to announce you that the school logo was chosen.

Thank you very much Miss Irina Dijmărescu and Miss Olimpia Mocănița for coordinating the students in this creative and challenging project!

Congratulations for your dedication and support!

The podium is:

3rd place: Anne Chiriac and Sara Pandel, year V.
2nd place: Ioana Beiu, year V
1st place: Victoria Ghișa and Arianna Lancellotti from Grade III!

Congratulations Questers! You’ve done an amazing work!




“MY HERO is trying to break the barrier that separates YOU from US, because we are really not that different… and we can work towards making the world a better place.”

Mohammed Sidibay